Monday, December 13, 2010

Sitting still for a moment...

December 8th came and went last week.  The kids and I were sitting at the table doing school, chatting, and I must've been writing out a list when I suddenly gasped, realizing we'd been home from our Trip for two whole months.  It's official.  The Great Trip of 20-10 is well over, and we are back into Real Life again.

I found it hard to come home...which, ironically, wasn't in the travel plans!  After +5,000 miles, it was exhilarating to have actually pulled off such an amazing trip (and on such an unreal budget), but it was daunting to suddenly face the Day-Ins and Day-Outs.  Sometimes we both secretly wanted to stop unpacking and simply reload the Suburban and head out again.  Somewhere.  Anywhere!  For 9 weeks, that had been our routine:  unpack, repack, and drive on to do it again.  It was a bit overwhelming to face an overgrown yard (the only thing we hadn't managed during our absence was the lawn - oops!), cooking, church duties, e-mails, and dishes again.

Even though it was wonderful to be in Our Own Space.  *happy sob*  That was admittedly the best part.  We slept and slept.  So happy to be in our own beds (and in our own rooms! plural!!).  No consideration for being seen in one's jammies by near-strangers, or any of that socially acceptable stuff.  I mean, it's great fun to be with people you love (whether you've met them before or not, right Jem & Jada?? rofl) but at the end of the day, a family needs to be its own unit for at least most of the time.

So as tempting as it was to throw chores to the wind and drive away to a new (unscheduled!) adventure, it's lovely to be home.  Even though it does mean I'm in charge of...well, everything again. 8-|

Tonight I found this post on Hands On Projects at Jimmie's Collage on my reader.  (Endless resources and good advice over there.)  The "homeschooling vs.everything else" is a skirmish I've only recently triumphed over, and I chuckled to see Jimmie unwittingly writing about one of my own secret dilemmas.  So now you know.

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