Monday, August 23, 2010

What happened in Denver...

So we got into Denver on Tuesday night, August 3rd, exactly 36 hours after officially commencing our Great Trip of 20-10.  The next morning - Wednesday - I was a little miffed to find that Denver, land of granola, mountains and cool, was being threatened by a storm system and was therefore warm and humid.  *blink*  How wude!  I mean, it wasn't 108F, but it was still warmish, when I was so looking forward to some real live non-summer.

We went to the Denver Zoo with our friends that day, which was terrific.  The only negative bit was that it was...outside.  But the day very quickly redeemed itself by cooling right down to about 65F by 6:00pm.  I dug a sweater out of the suitcase as fast as you can say Bob's your uncle, and was probably the most happy person on earth that particular evening.  Sweaters in August...old and dear friends...steak.  It's a winning combination.  :-)

Sorry for so many weather references, but...I live in one of the Extreme Summer states, so planning this cross-country excursion during August and September is a big thing.  In fact, as I write this, I'm sitting upstairs in a seaside cottage on Camano Island, Washington, next to an open window.  And as we begin Week 4, I can quite happily report that I have still not adapted, and am relishing every minute of delicious, normal, humane weather up to this point.

However...we're not yet in Washington in this series, so I digress...

The following days in Denver (Week 1, Days 4 and 5 for those of you at home following along) were happy and slow.  We stayed up late, but not too late, and caught up on sleep and face-time with our good friends of the Peterclan.  Jessica and I went shopping, but not with strollers, as we used to do in the Old Days.  I was reminded of all the ways she influenced me back then, and was humored by how much we still have in common.  After living far away from everything you know for eight years, and having to say goodbye to friends who move away, I suppose it was sort of soothing to find that certain friendships don't skip a beat despite the amount of time that goes by.

And I'm eternally glad to be going home to such friends at the end of our Trip.  In case I haven't said it enough lately, God is good.  (That's my new slogan, if you hadn't noticed.)

Next destination:  Utah!

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