Monday, August 2, 2010

The Great Trip of 20-10...

It's about 1:20a.m., and everything's packed, the kitchen is clean, the last load of laundry is (finally!) dry.  Why is it so difficult to pack and clean at the same time?  Maybe you don't have this problem.  Or, maybe you just draw the line when it comes to taking nine-week trips with your family cross-continent.  (Yes, yes...I know.  We're nuts.)

So off we go in T-minus 3 hours and counting.  Sleep is not on the agenda (thanks to the packing+cleaning equation).  Exciting-slash-terrifying adventurous travel is.

I'm cheating here...this is actually a picture from January, when our yet-unnamed Suburban was brand new to us.  But the "Take serenely colorful pictures of us posing by the vehicle" item on The List just didn't get crossed off today.

Speaking of names and vehicles, we still can't come up with a keeper for our '95 white Suburban.  We've had a '91 red Volvo 740 named Edmund, still own the '92 black Volvo 960 named Charlie, and the ex-van was named The Big Red Car - showing the influence of The Wiggles on our household (tho I called it "The Beast"...*cough*).  But this one is a puzzle.  We haven't quite experienced the personality of the vehicle yet. we thought we'd pack everyone up and drive for nine weeks.  ;-)

First destination:  Denver!

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  1. I've got the feeling you will know the personality of this vehicle very well by the end of your trip. Very, very well.