Friday, July 23, 2010

What happens when there's not quite enough going at once...

I'm stealing a few moments of post-Quiet Time.

The Four are occupying themselves with legitimate activities, and not even bickering.  Emily has tried to sneak past my elbow to nonchalantly nab the empty stapler sitting here awaiting a refill, but other than that, they're busy playing.  The object of their attention is the boxful of Rokenbok, found at a garage sale for $5 when they were all too tiny to play with it.  Sort of strange that they're all suddenly big enough to play with something with "pieces"....

Things have been slightly mad around here lately.  Nothing new added to my range of hats, but I'm pretty much completely overwhelmed in every. single. part. of. my. life.  And, naturally, we've managed to squeeze into our schedule the preparations for a Nine-Week Roadtrip, which - naturally! - we leave for in nine days.

[I'll pause here for you to laugh hysterically.]

More later about The Great Trip of 20-10, as I've dubbed it recently.  (Thanks, Tez!)  It's going to be mostly amazing, but definitely unlike anything you've ever thought of doing in your lifetime.  You know, unless you're one of those weirdies who's always dreamed of packing up their 4 not-so-tinies into a 1995 Suburban for nine weeks.  Not really sure whether to be thrilled or having a meltdown from moment to moment.  The Dude & I frequently glance at each other nervously for a few seconds, till one or other of us breaks eye contact with a forced chuckle or cough, leaving the other to wonder if they're the one having second thoughts about this craziness...

Amidst the self-imposed nuttiness, the only area in which I feel some semblance of order and control is the Fitness I'd promised to write about.  It took a little musing just now to recollect when I began the routine exactly...but the start date was April 2nd, which means I am now in the 16th Week.  (You can't help calculating things by weeks when you've been pregnant and/or breastfeeding for nearly 10 years of your life.)  And I honestly don't even recognize certain parts of my body.  Areas that I'd resigned to the oblivion of youth and prenatal-ness.  Every other part of my life is sort of like a highspeed car chase - exciting, purposeful, but not exactly ordered or controlled!  Somehow those 30 or 40 minutes I spend a couple times a week helps steady me for all the other stuff, and so I'm thankful to have them.

A more detailed post about that (for those of you who are interested) will show up here tomorrow.  No, really...I kromise!

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  1. Self-imposed nuttiness, indeed! you are bonkers and I love you for it. See you soon!!!!