Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Day of Emily...

Three years ago today was the due date for my fourth pregnancy.  Lucky me, my brilliant (Jamaican!) OB pulled rank on me and chose to induce a couple days early.  I'm an advocate for natural labor whenever possible, plus I always imagine/prepare for the worst, so I was terrified to be induced.  (Because if anyone's going to be paralyzed from an epidural gone awry, it'd be me.  No doubt.)

But induce he did, then facilitated the smoothest labo(u)r and delivery than we ever imagined - or experienced.  I'm still not a promoter of inductions and epidurals outside of necessity, but fourth-time moms are sort of on autopilot in normal cases, so it was a absolute breeze.  And my wise doctor saved me an even later birth than my others, trauma to the baby with meconium en utero and post-birth, and, a dramatic side-of-the-highway delivery since we live more than an hour from the hospital.  It was a win-win scenario, besides the teeny baby girl I got out of the arrangement!

The Day of Emily 
(May 9, 2007)

This is me, a few minutes before the induction.  
Nervous and slightly weirded out to be in the Labor Room
...but *not* in labo(u)r.

Four hours later!  Teeny Emily with the Labor Nurse, Doctor, and the proud (relieved!) Dude.

A strange sensation to be holding a newborn minutes after delivery!

Martin (6), very excited to be an even bigger brother.

Little Philip (4) happy but slightly mystified at the New Baby.

And sweet, fiery Laura (2), still practically a baby herself.

My little sister who drove down as fast as she could 
from Little Rock to be here for the homecoming.  
Here she and I are giggling at that 
nothing-can-wake-me-up deep newborn sleep.

Me, holding Little Em, and washing bottles and pump pieces 
a few days after delivery.  *long Napolean breath*  
(Breastfeed!  It's so much better!)

One of my favorite pictures ever.

...and here she is, Miss 3!  Finding her Happy Birthday Cake.

...with her giant Birthday Dog from Uncle Mark & Auntie Sandra.

...taking the dutiful photo in front of the Picture Door.
(I started a tradition last year of painting them a birthday shirt. Yay!)

...and a new favorite picture.
A rare, holding-still-yet-expressive pose while
listening to Auntie Tina sing "Happy Birthday" over the phone.

Happy Birthday little Em'y.  What a blessing you are!


  1. Beautiful. I so remember when she was born. And now she's all grown up!

  2. She is really cute. I love seeing the pictures of her so little and then bigger. Happy Birthday to her!