Sunday, October 4, 2009

Until later...

Emily, 2 years old,
eating her soynut butter sandwich
at the lakefront yesterday

I sat down to catch up here, but simply cannot deny this tiny girl.

The three olders are playing outside in the (cool! delicious! breezy!) outdoors, and after listening to little Em'y putter about happily in here, chattering to herself, I just can't sit here glued to the screen - I have to be with this child. She hasn't asked for anything, she isn't whining, and she is perfectly happy to toddle about by herself, singing snatches of Sunday School songs, and peering out the window at the others outside. But I can't do it...her sweet contentment is making me feel like a complete heel!

Homeschooling posts can wait - *sigh* - tinies cannot. :-)

p.s. While I was browsing, she paused now and then to glance at the 'puter, and was filled with glee to see the mamas, daddies and babies on your blog pages, and air-kissed them all. "I tiss a-baby!!" Then she was suddenly woeful when she played with the water cooler (illegally) and spilled on her shirt. "My shoat! My shoat! Diddit OUT, mummy!!" rofl

Ah, me...

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