Thursday, September 17, 2009

T-Minus 2 weeks till school starts, Capt...

Since I purchased this particular stack of books on July 15th, this post is slightly overdue, but with homeschool starting in two weeks from today, it's no less pertinent!

July 15th, was a Marker Day in our family. That was the day we realized Half Price Books was hosting a summer reading program. Each child received a $3 store credit for reading at least 30 minutes per day, 5 days per week during the summer. Martin and I immediately exchanged our eyeballs for dollar signs. You see, Martin is 9, and he reads at least 6 hours a day. (8 hours if he can get away with it.) He even takes a stack of books outside with him...until I confiscate them and give him the Play Like a Child lecture.

But back to the dollar signs...

The manager at Half Price Books then proceeded to inform me that we could turn in backdated reading forms. So, not only was this our Lucky Day, but we were going to have repeat episodes. We are a family who lives for books. And with (now) three school-age children turning in reading forms for each week's $3 store credit for the next six weeks. The joy was indescribable.

It was the end of a very long, much-traveled day, and my poor brain could scarcely add up the numbers, but it turned into 13 forms x $3. That equals $39, right...? (See, I like to blame it on cooking 5 meals the day before, arranging to pick up 2 more, and coordinating drop-off times to a missionary-family-with-a-new-baby in Dallas, followed by lunch/fellowship with ministry friends in East Dallas, and dinner/more fellowship with more ministry friends in Arlington - all in 106F/41C T*xas misery - but the truth is that I have issues with Small Math. *cough*)

But whichever sympathy you choose to lean toward, regarding my math, erm, skills... was heaven. And (and!) we happened to be at the nicest location I've seen, with a large and varied inventory. Martin and I took turns clambering over each other and letting out shouts of "Look what I found!!". He got a whole stack to himself, Laura and Philip picked out a few, and I fairly glowed over the pile pictured above - all of which will be Read-Alouds, then Readers for our upcoming school year(s).

They looked so pretty sitting there on my computer desk that I had to take a picture and tell you their story... :-D




    I am, of course, 18 shades of green over this post. Half Price Books has no equal north of the border. It should give you pause about any contemplated northward movement, no doubt. But I love that place and I love your tinies and I love you. So enjoy your books.


  2. That is my husbands dream day out. Book and at half price. Throw in a coffee and he would be really happy.