Thursday, July 23, 2009

Loose & Lose...

Philip and I have a deal - he pulls out his tooth today, or I do it after dinner tonight. Terms of the deal include no screams of terror, no loud wailing, and no wrestling him down to do it. The tooth is begging to come out, but it's been a tenacious one that's taken ages to get properly loose...unlike the first one, which was a piece of cake.

He lost Tooth #1 (shown, missing) on June 15th, 3 weeks before his 7th birthday. It was a long-awaited triumph! He's been impatient to cash in on the Tooth Fairy, you know...

So tonight, it's me vs. Tooth #2. You can see it there, just to the left of the space left by Tooth #1. One of us is going down. I've never been bettered by a tooth before, and Phil and I do have our deal, so the chances are pretty good that I'll make it out of this alive.

Then again...I've learned to never underestimate the tinies' mortal dread of any physical procedure - medical or non. 8-l

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